The Worldspeaker

The World Speaker seeks balance above all else. He listens to the whispers of the world, to the primal spirits and acts upon their will.


Usual Location
The World Speaker is established at the World Tree in the city of Concord along the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Common Knowledge
Shamans see the primal spirits flitting in the corners of their eyes, barbarians call upon them to strengthen their bodies, druids call upon their powers. The World Speaker is more than this, and seems to walk side by side with the primal spirits, both in the spirit world and our world. The World Speaker was chosen by the primal spirits to be their walking emissary, above all other primal speakers. No confirmation by the various shamanistic and druidic orders was needed; they were told by the spirits.

The World Speaker’s power was weakened by the Worldwound.

The World Speaker will work with any who will help him maintain the balance between civilization and nature, between good and evil, between law and chaos. Throughout the Ages, there are times that he has been allied with the Immortal Prince and other times that they have been at odds. The same is true for many of the Heroic and Ambiguous Icons.

The Diabolist and the Lich King pervert the natural order and threaten his World. They are considered aberrations, and have no place in his world. The Worldspeaker does not believe balance could ever be found as long as these Icons are left in power. The Worldspeaker is currently at odds with the Untamed and the Orc Lord, but he does not view them with the same enmity he reserves for the Diabolist and the Lich King.

There is always a Worldspeaker.

The True Danger
As the world is weakened and wounded so is the Worldspeaker. Should he fall, who will maintain the balance and prevent the world from spiralling in chaos and ruin.

The Worldspeaker

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