The Serpent

The Serpent is the trusted adviser whispering words in the King’s ear. His corrupting influence can be felt in every court in the Empire.
Usual Location
Everywhere. He, or his agents (though how you could you the difference, I don’t know), influence every court in the known world.

Common Knowledge
Very few are aware of the Serpent.

Adventurers and the Icon
The Serpent has knowledge and power that adventurers want, but adventurers rarely if ever have any idea of the costs involved.

The Serpent does not quite have allies. He has dupes and pawns. The Demon Lord believes he is a loyal servant. The Serpent views the Demon Lord as a brute thug to do his grunt work.

The Serpent does not quite have enemies. There are those who realize they have been duped and those who haven’t.


The True Danger

The Serpent

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