The King of Cogs (Dwarf King)

Heroic Icon (Neutral Good)

The King of Cogs is the reigning Dwarf Lord, ruler of the Dwarven mountain of Forge, and the Artificer of the Forgeborn, a race of living constructs which were built to fight in the demonic crusades.

The King of Cogs is allied with the Immortal Prince. He is also tenuously allied with the Elf Queen. His war with the Diabolist and the demonic hordes means that he sometimes works with the Crusader though their relationship is conflicted at best.

Diabolist. The Orc Lord.

The Forgeborn
In the 12th Age, when the Diabolist tore open a rift to the Abyss and demons clawed their way into the earthly realm, the Artificer created an army of Forgeborn, living constructs forged for war, and sent them into the Abyss to stem the tide, buying the earthly realm precious time. Eventually the Great Gold Wyrm threw himself into the Abyss to seal the rift and stem the tide of demons. Since the demonic war has ended, the Forgeborn have been without purpose. Some of the Forgeborn continue to walk the edge of the Abyss, unsleeping sentinels against the demonic Horde, others have sought to fulfill their purpose by joining with the Crusader. Many still serve their Dwarven creators in Forge. There are rumors that the Forgeborn have grown restive and rebellious. If this is true, all they might need is a strong leader to head the rebellion against their Dwarven creators.

The King of Cogs (Dwarf King)

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