The Immortal Prince

The Immortal Prince is the ruler of the Mydian Empire, also called the Everlasting Empire. He claims that his Empire encompasses the entirety of the known world. Some of his allies and enemies disagree.


“Deal me a mortal blow and I shall arise again, stronger than before, and so shall my Empire.”

Usual Location
New Mydia, the Capital City of the Mydian Empire.

Common Knowledge

Adventurers & the Icon
Adventurers are routinely hired by imperial functionaries to carry out all manner of ad hoc missions. Adventurers who work exclusively for the Emperor are rewarded with increased pay and greater status, though other adventurers are likely to label them as imperial functionaries.

The Archmage and the Priestess are his closest allies, being the other two pillars which uphold civilization. The Fool is perhaps his most steadfast ally. He is also closely allied with the Elf Queen and the King of Cogs. He is allied with the Platinum Dragon, but he is dying, being eaten alive by the hordes of the Abyss and there is no saying who might replace him.

Conflicted Relationships
The Crusader, the Prince of Shadows, the Council of Scales, and the World Speaker

The Demon Lord is first and foremost among them. It was the Diabolist, a loyal servant of the Demon Lord, whose schemes allowed the Demon Lord and his fiends to tear through the walls of the world, creating the Abyssal rift called the Worldwound in the heart of Old Mydia. The Mydian Empire fell and the Immortal Prince died. Now that the Immortal Prince has been reborn and his Empire rebuilt, he seeks to take vengeance upon the Demon Lord, to reclaim Old Mydia and the Mydian Throne. The Lich King is a potential threat, but not one that has caught the Prince’s attention. The Untamed and the Marauder are both threats to New Mydia.

The heart of his Empire sprawls along the southwestern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars and further south. Once, the heart of the Mydian Empire lay to the north, bordered by the Dwarven Kingdoms to the east and west, and the Wild Wood to the south. But the Diabolist brought the Empire low when her scheming tore open a rift to the Abyss at the heart of Old Mydia. The Immortal Prince was killed, his empire ruined, bringing an end to the 10th Age. The Plantinum Dragon clawed his way to the bottom of the Abyss and bound the rift with his body, creating a living ward to stem the demonic onslaught. But the damage had been done and Old Mydia became known as the Red Wastes. When the Immortal Prince was reborn (as he always is), he built New Mydia across the Sea of Fallen Stars far from the Red Wastes. Now he and his allies stand vigilant against the Diabolist and others who threaten the Empire. The Red Wastes are a constant and painful reminder of the Immortal Prince’s failure to protect his Empire and his people. He swears that he shall never allow such a lapse again.

The True Danger
Everything will be alright as long as the Immortal Prince stands stalwart between civilization and chaos. And no one else sits the Throne of Mydia before the Prince can reclaim it.

The Immortal Prince

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