The Demon Lord

The Demon Lord ruled in the Abyss for millenia before he helped to tear a rift between the realms and clamored into the mortal world. He is currently contained within the Red Wastes by the wardstones and most of his army is still trapped in the Abyss by the Platinum Dragon’s living ward, but the Demon Lord still represents a terrible threat to the Mydian Empire and all mortalkind.

“All shall serve or burn in the fires of the Abyss.”

Usual Location
The Demon Lord is found within the Red Wastes, bound there by the wardstones.

The Demon Lord has few if any true allies among the other Icons – not that he needs them. He has all of the Abyss. The Demon Lord considers the Whisperer to be a loyal servant, and hopes to use him to undermine other Icons. To the Demon Lord, the mortals of Aerhi – even those of Iconic power – are not allies. They are servants, minions, and tools to be used and discarded.

The Crusader is the Demon Lord’s most immediate threat. The Platinum Dragon has trapped the majority of the Demon Lord’s army within the Abyss. The Immortal Prince and the King of Cogs dare to bind him within the Red Wastes. The Worldspeaker has sworn him as any enemy.

The True Danger
Should the Platinum Dragon die and the wardstones fail, the Demon Lord shall march across the land, bring destruction and ruin to every corner of the world.

The Demon Lord

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