The Star Court

The Star Court represents not one Icon, but three – one for each of the Elven races. The Elves are divided amongst themselves,

The Lord of the Wild Hunt represents the wood elves. He and his wood elves – sometimes called wild elves – are near feral. He and his Court roam the Elven Wood, hunting and cavorting with green dragons, satyrs, wolves, and so on. He is ruthless, He looks firmly down upon all non-elves. He despises orcs. He considers half-elves abominations. He grudgingly tolerates humans and dwarves as long as they have the good sense to stay out of his wood. Should a hapless human or dwarf cross paths with the Wild Hunt they have little chance of surviving long enough to share the tale. He has also earned the enmity of the Council of Scales for daring to seduce and marry the Green, removing not only her, but nearly all green dragons from their sphere of influence.

The Moonlit Lady represents the high elves – sometimes called moon elves. She is the youngest of the Star Court and only recently came to power in the 12th Age. She, of the three, is the most tolerant of non-elves, and is responsible for the alliance between elves, human, and dwarves. She is still establishing herself within the court, but her gentle ways should not be confused for weakness.

The Fallen Star represents the dark elves, or drow. It is unclear when she came to power. The drow withdrew from the Star Court during the 11th Age and have only recently returned. She was unknown to the Court before the drow returned. The drow are changed. Called the silver folk once upon a time, they are darker now, twisted and cruel. It is said that they delved too deep into the dark corners of the world and awoke something. That they pay homage to the darkness they awoke.

The Star Court

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