The Dark Mother

Long has the Dark Mother slumbered in her pit, forgotten by the world, little more than a myth. But something has awoken her. Whatever roused her, roused her monstrous hordes as well. The orcs, the goblins, the gnolls. They all call her mother, and they do as mother says.

“My beautiful children. See how they play as your city burns.”

Usual Location
Constantly prowling the edges of the empire, sending out her monstrous raider to test the defenses that the civilized races have erected.

Common Knowledge
The Dark Mother is the mother of monsters, devourer of infants, and source of all that is corrupted and bestial. According to legend, the Dark Mother was created by the elves to be a progenitor of a new warrior race. A monstrous and terrifying primal force born from the depths of madness and despair, she is both fiendish queen and revered mother to the horrors that stalk the night. Legends say that from her womb sprang many of Aerhi’s monstrous races. Although orcs, goblins and gnolls are her best-known progeny, ultimately her foul spawn number too many to count.

She was driven into the dark recesses of the earth by the Immortal Prince, resting in uneasy slumber for age upon age, leaving her monstrous hordes bereft. It is rumored that she was accidentally awoken by the dark elves, or the dwarves, or both when they delved too deep.

Adventurers & the Icon
Those who care only for slaughter and plunder have joined forces with the Dark Mother, and in the current age she has given birth to more than a few dark heroes. Many knights questing on behalf of the Crusder and the King of Cogs make their way north to retake this treasure or that, though orcs and goblins are notoriously careless with their loot and often break apart priceless artifacts to use the pieces in barter and trade.

The Dark Mother cares for two things, her many ‘children’ and her burning inborn desire for conflict. Exactly what she will do now that she is awoken is anybody’s guess – many of the other icons have put certain plans on hold waiting to see whose side she will be on.

The Star Court is a target for the Dark Mother, she was betrayed by the elves and she thirsts for hot elf blood. The Immortal Prince and the King of Cogs are the icons that most directly oppose her monstrous hordes, so the Dark Mother has a grudge against them too.

The Dark Mother seems to have briefly awoken before, each time spawning a new monstrous race. This is the first time since the fall of the Wizard King that the Dark Mother has left her chthonic lair and walked the land.

The True Danger
Everything will be alright unless she can calm her passions long enough to forge an alliance with another icon. With an alliance the scales of power will tip and the world will be plunged into a war that few save the Dark Mother are prepared for.

The Dark Mother

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