The Council of Scales

The Council of Scales is made up of the most powerful of each of the primary “chromatic” dragons. Once they ascend to the position they take on the simple name of their dragon “race”. (The Black, The Blue, The Green, The Red, and The White). Appointments are for life — as losing the position invariably means the death of the previous office holder.


The Black: Shadraxil, the Black of a former age who had been trapped in the Shadowfell by the Knight of his Age, recently escaped the Shadowfell, killed the Black Nun as she was called, and retook his title. The other Icons – even the Draconics – are leery of this old Black returned. He was a villainous terror in his Age, and there’s no telling what new villainies he mastered while trapped in the Shadowfell for a few Ages. The Black is found in the Thunderpeaks, near to the shadow rift he created when he clawed his way back to the mortal plane.

The Blue: From his blue tower the Lord of Lightning rules the twisted monster-city of Drakkenhall, his Blue Sorcerers patrolling the streets and keeping the peace. The Blue is found in Drakkenhall where he serves as the Imperial Governer of Drakkenhall under geas from the Immortal Prince and the Archmage. It is unclear if he has been suborned by the Empire or if he has some plan to destroy the Empire from within.

The Green: She was seduced by the Lord of the Wild Hunt and taken as his wife, a fact which the Lord likes to flaunt at every opportunity. Without the strong guiding hand of their Icon, many green dragons have drifted far from their draconic roots.

The Red: The Red Lady is found beyond the borders of the Empire, alternating her form between that of a form of a piercing-eyed wise-woman and a huge dragon made of solidified flame. She is most commonly found in the Red Wastes hunting demons. Though she would never admit as much, she has been instrumental in keeping the demonic hordes at bay especially in recent years as the Platinum Dragon weakens. It could be that she has no desire to see her world overrun and ruined by demons. Of course it could also be hunger. The Red is ravenous and insatiable, there are so many demons, and they do make a tasty snack.

The White: In an Age long past, the Deathless One killed the White and brought him back as a Dracolich and his thrall. The White has served the Deathless One since. Most White dragons serve the Deathless One now as undead thralls. Those Whites who remain are careful to hide themselves away from the Deathless One, or to closely ally themselves with someone the Deathless One dares not bother.

Adventurers & the Icon
Evil adventurers gain access to secret knowledge, training, or magic by allying themselves with the Three. True heroes make their name fighting against them. The lines are muddier in

The Draconics are hardly allied with one another much less anyone else. The White is in thrall to the Deathless One. The Green is wed to the Lord of the Wild Hunt.

The Deathless One killed the White, enthralling him. Then he proceeded to hunt and enthrall other dragons. The Platinum Dragon is always going to be an enemy.

The True Danger
Only the Black remains free to move unhindered. The Blue has been suborned by the geas that gives it Drakkenhall, the Red is trapped in the Red Wastes, the White is enthralled, and the Green seduced away by the elves. Should the others disentangle themselves and the five unite, the world will have no hope of survival.

The Council of Scales

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