FATE of the 13th Age

The Swallowtail Festival

The campaign opened in Sandpoint along the Lost Coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars on the further most fringes of the Everlasting Empire and disturbingly close to the Red Wastes and Dragon Wood. It is the first day of autumn and the small frontier town of Sandpoint is holding the annual Swallowtail Festival to celebrate the goddess Desna. The are also consecrating the town’s new Cathedral, just recently built after the old chapel was destroyed in a fire five years ago that nearly consumed the town. The construction was sponsored by the Priestess herself and is very grand, easily rivaling those found in the city of Magnamar.

The Swallowtail Festival began early in the morning with welcoming speeches by the Mayor and the Sheriff. Many enjoyed the festival games, magic and variety shows, and of course, the free lunch. Sean (a fighter), an Imperial agent stationed at the Boltstrike Pillar, enjoyed carousing at the local taverns and inns. At the Rusty Dragon he happened across Grey Brewer (a rogue in service to the Prince’s Black Blades), an old acquaintance and shadowy agent of the Empire. Sean – for once – had the good sense to keep his mouth shut and walked on by, preserving Grey’s cover and disguise as a travelling acrobat and showman.

Grey arrived in town the previous night along with his companions, Fineas Fantastico (a flashy wizard and natural showman) and Mel (a bard). The three have been travelling along the Lost Coast, performing acts of prestidigitation, acrobatics, and song. They spent the morning of the festival meandering about town. They enjoyed a magic show put on by Ilsoari Gandethus, headmaster of the Turandoak Academy, and Veznutt Parooh, owner of the Way North, a cartography shop.

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